Farm Infrastructure

Farm Infrastructure

When we started the farm, we owned no farm equipment. Over the 23 years we have paid particular attention to improving our equipment, specifically our tillage and soil management equipment. We have concentrated on tillage equipment to minimize soil impacts and improved considerably our ability to work the soil and grow crops with a minimum of soil impact and loss of soil fertility. We have also vastly improved our equipment maintenance tools to facilitate repair and monthly maintenance.

We have constructed over 6,000 sq. ft. of built in infrastructure including 3,000sq. ft. “high tunnel” greenhouse and a smaller 300 sq. ft. greenhouse, raised bed herb gardens and effective deer fencing surround over 6-acre vegetable growing area. We have a 6500-gallon rainwater collection, storage and irrigation system and 3.5-kilowatt solar collector that provides all the water and electrical power to the farm. 

Our electric van was purchased with a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation, donations from three JCF Board members and the balance from JCF funds. The all-electric van will be used for our produce deliveries to the 4 food pantries we service, and upon return will be recharged from our solar panels at the farm.

Jamestown Community Farm
40 Eldred Avenue
Jamestown, RI 02835

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